Arts and craft by children and young people aged up to 17 years

The Junior section is a great opportunity for schools, youth groups, pre-schools/nurseries and individuals to take an active part in the Show. With themes for 2019 reflecting the many anniversaries being celebrated this year including the first human's to land on the moon, the last Beatle's performance and album recorded, first 50 pence coin, publication of Noddy in Toyland and Robinson Crusoe. Other topics include raising awareness on protecting and maintaining the environment, reducing waste and recycling. 

There are a wide range of classes to suit all age groups and abilities generating colourful and dramatic displays. Opportunities for creativity include the use of many materials and media. 

2018 was another successful year with almost 1,800 pieces of art and craft created by children and young people. Thank you to all the teachers, youth leaders, parents and supporters whose hard work ensures the success of this important community event.

In addition, the show is generously supported by sponsor  AVJ Design together with Longridge Gallery

Please do remember to call in the Junior Arts & Crafts marquee to admire the variety and high standard of artwork produced by the local children and young people. In addition, learn how to make an Ecobrick and bring all your used crisp packets (no need to wash) for recycling via the Terracycle project

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Juniors Arts & Crafts Section Schedule 2019

Goosnargh and Longridge Agricultural Show

Section Head - Sandra Davis - email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Junior Arts and Craft Section Saturday 6th July 2019


Entry fee 10p Prize money 1st = £1, 2nd = 75p, 3rd = 50p (4th = 25p if applicable)

Open Section (Anyone up to age 17 on day of show)
CLASS OPEN (any age up to 17 years on day of show)
1 A rocket ship from recycled materials to celebrate 50 years moon landing in 1969 (max height 30cm)
2 A hand-cut silhouette against a moonlit sky or sunset (max A4)
3 A model of something Robinson Crusoe could have made on his desert island (max 30 x 20 x 20cm)
4 A design for a vinyl record sleeve along the same lines as the Beatles Abbey Road album (max A4)
5 An old tea cup or similar containing paper flowers
6 A pattern for a textile incorporating a leaf pattern (max A4)
7 A model using old/recycled bits of metal, screws, nails etc (max 30x20x 20cm)
8 Decorate a plain recycled T-shirt
9 Upcycle a tin or jam jar into a useful object (max height 15cm)
10 A picture, painting or collage illustrating world-wide friendship (max A4)


Individuals, Youth Groups, Before & After School clubs
Schools including Pre- schools CLASS  

CLASS Pre-school (Children of pre-school age)
11 A collage of a rocket and a moon using cutting skills (max A4)
12 A picture, painting of a butterfly – any media (max A4)
13 A picture using tissue paper of a rainbow (Max A4)
14 Finger painting (max A4)
15 Pattern made by printing (max A4)
16 A model of a Toadstall house based on Noddy’s Toyland (max ht 30cm)
17 A picture or model using a paper plate


Juniors A (Children in Reception, Y1 and Y2)

18 Handwriting nursery rhyme “Hey diddle diddle”–may be illustrated (A4)
19 A picture, painting or collage of a rocket on the way to the moon – any media ( A4)
20 A picture, painting of an alien from outer space – any media (Max A4)
21 A collage of a healthy food plate (Max A4)
22 A picture, painting or collage of a garden full of flowers with bees and butterflies - any media (Max A4)
23 An item made of salt dough and painted (max 10m3)
24 A model car (not made from a kit) based on Noddy’s car in Toyland (max length 20cm)


Juniors B (Children in Y3 - Y6)
CLASS Juniors B (Children in Year 3 – Year 6)
25 Handwriting “The Moon” by Robert Louis Stevenson – first 2 verses – may be illustrated (max A4)
26 A picture, painting of the moon landing – any media (max A4)
27 A newspaper front page showing the impact of plastic waste on the planet (Max A4)
28 A picture, painting or collage depicting the Beatles “Yellow Submarine” (A4)
29 A picture, painting of Robinson Crusoe on a desert island (max A4)
30 A computer print-out showing a secret code and the solution – can be illustrated (max A4)
31 A design for the back of a 50 pence piece – any media (Max A4)


Seniors (v1) (young people Y7 to age 17 on day of show)

CLASS Seniors (Young people Year 7 to age 17 on day of show)
32 Create a unique comic strip of a moon landing - can be drawn or collage (max A3)
33 A poster advising one or more ways to reduce the use of plastic (max A3)
34 A drawing or collage based on the Beatles famous hits/ albums (max A3)
35 A newspaper front page of Peterloo massacre, Manchester August 1819 – may be illustrated (max A3)
36 A picture, painting, drawing of an animal (max A3)
37 An illustration for a book (any media)(max A3)
38 A watercolour painting (max A3)
39 A pencil drawing (max A3)
40 A 3D Op Art cube (max 10cm cube)



TITLE : Model of Toyland to celebrate 70 years since the publication of Noddy in Toyland on base no larger than 100cm x 70cm.
Entry fee 50p. Prize money 1st = £5, 2nd = £2.50, 3rd = £1.00

Enquiries and further information from  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or chair: Sandra Davies
07592 458431 (please leave a message)

Exhibits must be staged by the exhibitor/school organiser on Friday 5th July 2019

12.30pm – 7pm. Judging takes place at 8.45am on Show Day. Prizes awarded at 4.30pm. Exhibits on paper should be mounted on card.

Themes for 2019 include protecting and maintaining the environment, reducing waste, recycling, and the special anniversaries of :

50 years  - first human moon landing 20 July 1969

50 years – last public performance of the Beatles 30 Jan & last recorded album Abbey Road released 26 Sept

50 years – launch of 50 pence coin in October 1969

70 years – Noddy Goes to Toyland by Enid Blyton published

300 years – Robinson Crusoe first published

INDIVIDUAL TROPHIES awarded to the overall points winner for age groups across all classes: Pre-school, Junior (a), Junior (b) and Senior

SPECIAL TROPHIES – held for 12 months

Pam Cliff Trophy Group or school with most points in Pre-school section

Fred and Lily Hoyle Memorial Cup School with most points in Junior (a) + (b) section

Hothersall Lodge Cup School with most points in Senior Section

Mrs Jackson Shield Winner of Group project

Mrs M Proctor Cup Individual with most points overall

Points awarded 1st = 4 points, 2nd = 3 points, 3rd = 2 points, 4th = 1point (if applicable)


Longridge Gallery special prize awarded by Longridge Gallery

With many thanks to our sponsors : AVJ Design and Longridge Gallery

School/ Group entries: please register your interest at

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view receive spreadsheet to complete with child's name and class (es) entered.  Entry fees will be collected in week before show.

Individual entries please email which classes entering to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Entry fees will be collected when staging on Friday 5th July.

Please visit the Junior Arts and Crafts Section in the marque to see how to make an Ecobrick.

Please bring used crisp packets for recycling as part of the Terracycle scheme.