Please note Section information for 2019 show will be updated in due course as planning for 2019 show is completed - In the meantime Contact the Section Head for information

Arts and craft by children and young people aged up to 17 years

The Junior section is a great opportunity for schools, youth groups, pre-schools/nurseries and individuals to take an active part in the Show. With themes for 2018 reflecting the many anniversaries being celebrated this year including the end of World War I, women entitled to vote, the formation of the NHS, the publication of Frankenstein and Captain Cook setting sail together with the royal celebrations, Football World Cup, the "blue planet" and protecting the environment.

There are a wide range of classes to suit all age groups and abilities generating colourful and dramatic displays. Opportunities for creativity include the use of many materials and media and this year there are even more classes available to enter.

2017 was another successful year with over 1,600 pieces of art and craft created by children and young people. Thank you to all the teachers, youth leaders, parents and supporters whose hard work ensures the success of this important community event.
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In addition, the show is generously supported by sponsors Anji's Emporium, together with Longridge Gallery and AVJ Design.

Please do remember to call in the Junior Arts & Crafts marquee to admire the variety and high standard of artwork produced by the local children and young people.

Sandra Davies Section Chair


Please note the tables below will be updated in due course when planning for this year is completed


Juniors Arts & Crafts Section Schedule 2018

Goosnargh and Longridge Agricultural Show

Junior Arts and Craft Section Saturday 7th July 2018


Entry fee 10p Prize money 1st = £1, 2nd = 75p, 3rd = 50p (4th = 25p if applicable)

Open Section (Anyone up to age 17 on day of show)
1 Design a decorated birthday cake for the NHS Big7Tea party (any media) (A4 or max 30 x 20 x 20cm)
2 A poster supporting suffragettes (A4)
3 A suffragette rosette (A5)
4 Model of an aeroplane (made from anything except a kit) (max size 30 x 20 x 20cm)
5 Model of a baby toy for a Royal baby (no kits) max size 30 x 20 x 20cm
6 Drawing, painting, collage with title “In The Future ...” (any media) (A4)
7 Decorate a glass jar to hold a night light (night lights not required) (max ht 15cm)
8 A treasure map in any media (A4)


Individuals, Youth Groups, Before & After School clubs
Schools including Pre- schools
Pre-school (Children of pre-school age)
9 109 Drawing or painting (any media) of an anniversary/birthday cake (A4)
10 110 Drawing or painting (any media) of an anniversary/birthday cake (A4)
11 111 Collage of “Under the Sea” (which includes cutting skills) (A4)
12 112 Finger painting (A4)
13 113 Pattern made by printing (A4)
14 114 A decorated tiara or crown to fit a child
15 115 A monster mask to fit a child


Juniors A (Children in Reception, Y1 and Y2)
16 116 Handwriting - “The Owl and the Pussycat” - first 6 lines (may be illustrated) (A4)
17 117 Drawing, picture or collage of a sailing boat or ship (A4)
18 118 Drawing or painting of a Royal Wedding (any media) (A4)
19 119 Picture using either a whole or partial handprint or footprint (A4)
20 120 Collage of “Under the Sea” including items difficult to recycle such as sweet papers, plastic straws, etc (A4)
21 121 A computer generated abstract pattern (A4)
22 122 Model of a monster (not from a kit) (max 30 x 20 x20cm)


Juniors B (Children in Y3 - Y6)
23 123 Handwriting - “The Jumblies” first verse (10 lines) without chorus (may be illustrated) (A4)
24 124 Drawing, picture or collage of a field/ group of poppies (A4)
25 125 Drawing or painting of an aeroplane(any media) (A4)
26 126 A wedding or baby congratulations greetings card suitable for a Royal person (A5)
27 127 Collage of “Under the Sea” showing damage caused by plastic pollution (A4)
28 128 Design a fantasy World Cup Football strip (any media) (A4)
29 129 Drawing, painting or collage of “Frankenstein” (any media) (A4)


Seniors (v1) (young people Y7 to age 17 on day of show)
30 130 Drawing, picture “Hope after the destruction of war” (any media) (Max A3)
31 131 Drawing, picture, collage on the impact of pollution on the “blue planet” (any media) (max A3)
32 132 Drawing, picture, collage inspired by Martin Luther King Jr speech “I Have a Dream” (max A3)
33 133 An illustration for a book (any media) (max A3)


134 A sculpture made from wire (max 40cm cube)
35 135 A 3D Op Art Cube (max 10cm cube)
36 136 Hand drawings (any media) (max A3)
37 137 A print – any subject (max A3)
38 138 A posterized portrait (max A3)
39 139 Painting, drawing inspired by Pop Art (max A3)
40 140 Mixed media study of a teddy (max A3)


B: GROUP PROJECT – celebrating anniversaries (NHS 70 years or RAF 100 years)

Title : Model based on the “National Health Service” or on the “Royal Air Force” (no kits) on base no larger than 100cm x 70cm

Entry fee 50p  Prize money 1st £5, 2nd £2.50 and 3rd £1.00


Enquiries and further information from  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Chair : Sandra Davies, Tel : 01772 782544

Exhibitor rules and entry details on website

Exhibits must be staged by the exhibitor/school organiser on Friday 6th July 2018 12.30pm – 7pm

Judging takes place at 9am on Show Day. Prizes awarded at 4.30pm

Exhibits on paper should be mounted on card.

THEMES for 2018

This year we are exploring the impact of plastic, particularly on our oceans, and celebrating Royal Events, the Football World Cup and the many anniversaries in 2018 which include:

250 years – Captain James Cook (both explorer and cartographer) set sail from England in Endeavour

200 years – publication of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

100 years – the end of World War I

100 years – formation of Royal Air Force

100 years – Representation of People Act allowing women over 30, property owners and graduates form

British Universities and all men over 21 to vote and 90 years - allowing all women over 21 to vote

70 years – founding of the NHS – celebrations this year include NHS Big7Tea

50 years – death of Martin Luther King Jr – famous speech “I Have a Dream”

INDIVIDUAL TROPHIES awarded to the overall points winner for age groups across all classses: Pre-school, Junior (a), Junior (b) and Senior

SPECIAL TROPHIES – held for 12 months

Pam Cliff Trophy Group or school with most points in Pre-school section

Fred and Lily Hoyle memorial Cup School with most points in Junior (a) + (b) section

Hothersall Lodge Cup School with most points in Senior Section

Mrs Jackson Shield Winner of Group project

Mrs M Proctor Cup Individual with most points overall

Points awarded 1st = 4 points, 2nd = 3 points, 3rd = 2 points, 4th = 1point (if applicable)

Longridge Gallery special prize awarded by Longridge Gallery

With many thanks to our sponsors :

Anji's Emporium, AVJ Design and Longridge Gallery

School/ Group entries: please register your interest at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive spreadsheet to complete with Child's first name, child's surname and class (es) entered.