Goosnargh & Longridge Show is proud to be one of the lucky agricultural shows that is able to showcase the magnificent Shire Horses at our annual show every year.

Through in hand, ridden and mare and foal classes we bring together dedicated breeders and owners from across the North West who have a strong passion for this breed and bring them along to our show for members of the public to see.

So come along to the shire horse section on the day and meet the owners, watch the horses being judged and support the owners in keeping this magnificent breed going....
we guarantee you won’t be disappointed ! 
Where do you think the term “horsepower” comes from when you are talking about your car engine? They did their work all year and then when the local Show came around they were washed and dressed up in their ribbons, had their harness decorated and went to compete and put on a show.
These days a dedicated few keep the breed going. In this country a small number are still used on farmland or for logging or by breweries for deliveries but most of the animals seen in the show ring today are not working horses. There is, however, a growing trend here and especially on the continent for using the Shire in equestrian sports i.e. riding; dressage and carriage driving trials so hopefully there is a good future for them. We may be glad of them again one day.
We do have a young handler class in which the said young person has to prepare and show a horse in-hand by themselves. This is to encourage the younger generation to get involved with Shire Horse.
Secretary:Vicki Hardacre - email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Entry Fees:

Classes 1 – 8     £7 each

Class 9 - Free entry

Prize Money:

Classes 1 – 1st: £30 2nd: £20 3rd: £10 4th: £5

Class 9 -  All entrants will receive £10 plus a rosette

Class 1 Barren Mare 3 years old and upwards
Class 2 Gelding 3 years and upwards
Class 3 Colt, Gelding or Filly, 1 year old
Class 4 Gelding or Filly 2 years old
Class 5 Brood Mare with own foal at foot
Class 6 Filly Foal, born 2022
Class 7 Colt Foal, born 2022
Class 8 Ridden Horse 4 years upwards
Class 9 Young Handler age 12 – 18 years